Hi there.

We are TDA_Boulder. For the sake of transparency, now seems like a good time to tell you that we’re an advertising and design agency. That means everything we do is strategically created to persuade and influence you. Even this page has elements that are slowly burrowing their way into your sub-conscious. Look at how we bolded 1989, the year we were established, then gave you context to the year by reminding you that Heathers was in the theaters and Like a Prayer was on every rad mixtape.

Now, the next time you see your friend Heather, or flip to the '80s station, will you think of us? Maybe. But you’re more independent than that, you say. You make your own decisions. Which is an interesting segue since being independent is something we’re very proud of. So, thank you for bringing that up. Because you did that on your own.

Our Process

TDA is a strategically driven, independent creative agency that believes conventions were made to be broken. We also believe this is the most opportune time for independent agencies to empower creative and inspired individuals to break the mold.

In today’s user-driven environment, people have more power. They choose what to see and what to ignore, block or avoid entirely. Content must be designed and produced with the purpose of improving and enriching the users lives, or they simply won't care. Building a solid strategic platform and unleashing powerful creative is how you create work that breaks through in a category, and it's the most efficient way to differentiate products and services. So, if you’re looking to build a brand from the ground up, or to start a meaningful conversation with your market, get in touch. Let’s have a discussion about starting a discussion.


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Category Experience

Food + Beverage

IZZE Chobani Deschutes Brewery PepsiCo Hormel noosa Ron Zacapa Diageo Avery Left Hand Russian Standard General Mills Cascadian Farms Larabar SoFruitty French's Simply Organic Chloe's Emergen-C RollinGreens Celestial Seasonings Tru Fru Anient Harvest Equator Coffee Castor + Pollux Lucky's Market Merrick Medley Bros. Nestle Purina

Sports + Outdoor

Outdoor Research Nike LL Bean CamelBak The North Face Burton Stio Petzl Cannondale Timberland Smartwool Kappius Cloudveil Newton RoxShox Thule Blackburn Simms Denver Nuggets Copper Mountain


Noodles & Company Chipotle Motomaki Wahoos Joe's Crab Shack Hapa Sushi

Media + Technology

Blue Canyon Technologies WOW! Cable Webroot TriNet Layer3 USA Network Belkin Memorex Tech Stars Reuters

Public Good

1% Donate Life Colorado Blue Sky Bridge Special Olympics MCA Denver Fatherhood Initiative Sir Richard's College For Financial Planning

Our History

1990 - Branding & Campaign

RockShox Mountain Bike Suspension partnered with TDA to create their iconic identity and a series of campaigns that helped launch both companies.

1996 - RockShox Goes Public

Having sold over a million forks and with revenues of $100 million, the company went public in 1996, raising $65 Million in one of the biggest IPO's in the bicycle industry's history.

1994 - Volvo-Cannondale

Cannondale become one of the most succesful companies in the bike industry during the 1990's, partially thanks to the Volvo-Cannondale mountain bike team branded by TDA.

1996 - International Success

We accomplished the impossible, helping an American brand become the #1 selling road bike in Europe with the help of an international campaign & advent of the Saeco-Cannondale Team.

1995 - Partnered Up

Through primarily visual print campaigns, TDA worked to define Thule for a younger audience who wanted to go places with all their gear.

2003 - Number One Brand

Over a 10 year partnership, TDA helped Thule become the most dominant player in car racks, eclipsing their number one competitor Yakima.

2007 - Thule Trail

We recreated the iconic Oregon Trail game as Thule Trail. It became one of the internet's first huge viral hits and even crashed Thule's servers in the process.

2002 - Naming & Branding

TDA created IZZE's iconic name, brand and packaging, changing the natural food packaging paradigm for years to come.

2006 - IZZE Acquired by Pepsi

In only four years IZZE would sell to Pepsi for $75 million. One of the first natural food start ups to hit it big based almost entirely on the branding and packaging.

2004 - Rebranding

TDA revived Crocs by creating a new, modern logo, giving them a European look and feel. This strengthened the brand while removing novelty aspects of the original mark.

2005 - "Ugly Can Be Beautiful"

Crocs unveils a new "Ugly Can Be Beautiful" campaign created by TDA and making them a household name across the United States.

2006 - Crocs Goes Public

Crocs Inc.'s February 2016 IPO was the largest in footwear history at $208 million.

2004 - Agency of Record

TDA becomes Chipotle's first Agency of Record, leading to incredible growth during the Big Burrito and Honest Ingredients campaigns, both created by TDA.

2006 - Chipotle Goes Public

Chipotle's IPO becomes the largest in restaurant history raising $134 million.

2008 - Agency of Record

In the midst of the Great Recession, TDA begins working with FirstBank by modernizing their brand and creating some of the most unique ad campaigns the banking world has ever seen.


FirstBank has grown from $8 billion to $18 billion in assets during our time working together. FirstBank has donated over $60 million to charitable organizations since 2000.

2010 - Packaging Redesign

TDA redesigned Justin's Nut Butter packaging. This helped to increase their sales from $300,000 to $1 million per month immediately after launch.

2016 - Acquired By Hormel

Justin's sells to Hormel for $286 million.

2018 - I'm Advertising

TDA_Boulder creates the I'm Advertising, Justin campaign.

2 milestones


Creative + Design

We start from the nucleus in order to create a living breathing idea. We use creativity as an unfair advantage.


We listen to what people think, feel and do – even when the words are tough to hear – then ask why. We inspire positive change in the work and in the world.


We are seen by the people we care about. We find the right place, at the right time for the greatest impact.

Account Management

We keep big picture goals top of mind while gracefully accomplishing daily ‘to do’ lists. We create intimate relationships up and down, left and right.


We believe fast and innovative aren’t mutually exclusive. We're tech agnostic - picking the right tool to solve hard problems.


We bring our big ideas to life flawlessly. We get the most out of our budgets by being creative and resourceful, not by cutting corners.